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Navigating the New Era of Consumer Culture

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

By: Fatmah Zawawi | Jr. Communications Coordinator | Another In Kingdom

Advertising continuously follows us around like a shadow, even though many are not aware of its impact. Whilst more traditional forms of conventional of advertising (such as television and print) are today the lesser used options, we still heavily consume all forms of media on a daily basis. Experts forecast that by 2023, digital ads will be the dominant media spend with 60% of the global ad market.

An exciting occurrence in the new era of advertising shows both marketing and advertising are uniting. Technology is the facilitator of this undertaking as it allows marketing teams to have a deeper understanding and access to data which aids in enabling strategic planning and leads to a better consumer experience.

The insights we are able to identify regarding consumer behavior allows us to give more accurate recommendations to digital advertisers. Demographics are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past due to the rise of online data; which conveniently showcase consumer behavior, interests and engagement in real time.

An interesting trend to be on the watch for in the Saudi market is the growth of second party data; as it has been on the rise in Europe and North America for the past two years and is showing positive results.

Our industry has never been a stranger to change. As marketers and advertisers, we must always remember that great opportunities are continuously emerging for those who are well prepared and have a passion for understanding audiences.


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