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Here Comes Intelligence…Artificial Intelligence

By: Ali Tarawneh | Client Servicing Director | Another In Kingdom

More than ever, marketing departments and agencies are working together to create and analyze market intelligence and research that focuses on consumers’ digital behavior; using digital analytics, data mining and data management that are more and more dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Historically there has always been an issue in collecting and understanding consumer data, but today that reality has changed, and scientific decisions and strategies can be created with greater ease and less assumption. Decisions about digital platforms and messages can be created based on consumer habit patterns online (from their web surfing, to their search behavior, online transactions and much more). We can better understand what triggers and fuels their buying decisions.

While this does seem like something out of George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ and consumers are insisting on greater privacy online, we cannot deny that getting the right message to the right consumer at the right moment in time is beneficial to both brand and consumer.

Taking football as an example, AI can today help football clubs choose which of their players they need to bring to the front of their external communications; the player that receives the highest positive traction online and has the fans’ support. It can also help them focus on which colours they can focus on when designing their next kit, or which brands they should consider as sponsorship partners. The difference between going through these exercises today verses ten years ago, is that today the decisions are more scientific and less subjective.

AI has become more and more important in the marketing communications decision making process and is the most powerful tool today in significantly enhancing a brand’s return on investment in digital media buying.


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