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Adapting to Consumer Habits

By: Ahmmad Osabi | Junior Communications Coordinator | Another In Kingdom

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the economy, society and politics. When it comes to consumer behaviour it has now finally nailed in the notion of “cocooning!” Consumers want to get out of the house, but when it comes to shopping and retail therapy, they want everything delivered to them in the safety of their cocoons. From the luxury of their dinner tables and couches they are now able to comparison shop and take time to find exactly what they are looking for and buy it (when they are good and ready to)!

Are companies / brands ready and accepting of this new behaviour and adapting their models to it?

COVID-19 has taught brands, that a User Experience based website, eCommerce and digital marketing are no longer a luxury or “things we will get to”. Today, they are foundation stones to the success of any business. Brands who believed in their importance and invested in them pre-pandemic are now benefiting while others scramble to catch up.

The digital sphere has allowed brands to maintain a base of loyal customers through listening and engagement. Offering personalised discounts, checking in with their customers and giving them advise during these difficult times are just a few actions brands need to take on a regular basis.

With consumer habits forever changed, brands that understand consumption preferences and adapt to them will succeed more than ever before.


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